What is God teaching me?

Today Josh and I went to church at Lifespring. They asked Josh to help in the band so I went there too. The message was on Forgiveness. The key line that stood out to me was.... When you don't forgive you are the victim. When you forgive you are the victor. I thought about that and my life in the past week. I was playing the victim with someone breaking into my car. I was angry, upset, pissed and wanted revenge. After the service I told Josh that message was for me. I can be all of those things above but it doesn't settle anything. If the person that broke into my car felt he needed to do that then he must be desperate for something. I'm not sure what. I hope its a pink camera, 4 year old iPod, and a pretty green purse with purple flowers. Oh yeah, and $4.50. I'm sure they were disappointed not to find my credit cards and gift cards but it is what it is. I can't say that right after that message I was saying "oh I forgive them" and its done. I'm still a little angry but its not worth it. The window is already replaced, and there are a million cameras better than mine, and lots of purses that I would love to have iPods galore. I'm thankful that I am blessed to have a job that allows me to afford these items, and that I have a car to drive to bad neighborhoods to help those that have needs greater than mine. I have learned a lesson from this, and hopefully the person that did this to me doesn't have to do it to anyone else. Its not likely but I can hope.


My Sh*ty Day

Today started out as a normal day. Then I had to drive to Walnut Hills/Clifton area to see a patient. All was good until I came out and saw a million pieces of glass on my seat. Someone threw a cinderblock through my window and stole my purse. Now your probably thinking....what kind of idiot leaves their purse in the car? I did because when I was driving up to the lot I thought "those two guys over there look really scetchy and should probably be in school." SO I thought leave the purse in the car and cover it up. Which I did because I had the fear of getting jumped for my purse. Well my car got jumped instead. What pisses me off..... I loved that purse, camera and the sunglasses I had in there. The joke is really on them because I only had $4.36 in the purse (they did get a cool camera). My credit cards were actually on the front seat under some papers because I forgot to put them back in my purse. They could have had $10 but I couldn't stray away from target this morning to buy some hair scrunchies and a new smaller version of a target ecofriendly bag. Which came in handy when I had to get all my paperwork out of my car to drop off at the glass place. The other crazy thing is that I had lots of gift cards and gas cards and my TomTom in the car and they didn't touch any of it. They knew they couldn't open the door or the alarm would go off (if it was the guys I think it was) because they heard me set it. SO in a nutshell......... I feel violated. It makes me feel like taking Josh and Donny's lead and get my concealed carry, or at the very least carry mase. I would have taken my purse with me if I would have had some type of protection. I would have my pretty purse and pretty camera and pretty pens that Patty made me and I could have stayed in my pretty little world thinking life was great. Instead I'm pissed. I go out and try to help people in the community and this is the thanks I get. Josh tells me not to take it personal but I can't. Nothing is safe or sacred in this world anymore. People talk about the good old days when you could leave your house unlocked and nobody would come in. What happened to that. What happened to getting a job and earning money instead of stealing. Can you tell I'm a little bitter right now? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH