So its been a long time......

Its been a long time since I last blogged. Since then: Josh and I have moved into a new house and have been bogged down with house stuff. I'm going to give blogging another whirl. So here it goes............

Today's Topic: Infertility

As many of our friends know Josh and I have been trying to conceive for about 4 1/2 years now. We have done it all (well not all); but as the start of a new year begins, I always say.... is this the year? My gut says no (after 4 years its hard to think otherwise) but then you always think in the back of your head maybe it could be possible.

So far we have done: 3 inseminations (at the tune of about $350 a pop), multiple rounds of clomid (luckily that is cheap about $10-$40 bucks a try depending on how many the doctor gives you per round), probably 20+ doctors visits at $15-$30 copays depending on if its a specialist or not, classes to learn about natural family planning $30/class, and 1 surgery to clear my fallopian tubes at the tune of probably a $1000 by the time it is over. Then there is the blood test here, ultrasound there, one more medication here and there... FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF $3000+!!!!

And people say raising kids is expensive. Every time I do something else or Josh does I think.... should I give up or what could I do with this money instead. Josh could upgrade his motorcycle to whatever he wanted. I could have taken an extra vacation. We could have bought a smaller house and retired in 20 years. Who knows maybe we still will but that money is still gone and I have no baby to show for it.

At the same time... because I have no baby, Josh and I took a last minute trip to Mexico and it was wonderful. Literally last minute... I booked it on Wednesday and we left of Saturday after Thanksgiving. We have traveled to England, Costa Rica, Belize, Nashville, Indy, Chicago; Norris Lake (any weekend we want).

I have a ton of friends with kids I can borrow anytime. They are free and I can give them back and I still get to sleep through the night. Its wonderful.

So why blog on this now... because I was thinking of New Year's Resolutions and mine reads like this...

New Year's Resolution 2010
1. Get Pregnant or
2. Have fun trying.
3. Get better at Muay Thai kickboxing
4. Take another wonderful vacation

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Liz said...

youre good at being optimistic, bookie. i dont know if i could hang in there like you could.
you know.. i read this quote on one of the southern ladie's (who love to call me "sweatheart') desks at the student health clinic the other day... it read, "for every sickness or problem, there's a blessing"