Random Sevens

My friend Ryan asked us to put up 7 random things so here it goes........
(Click on Random Sevens for a link to Ryan's Random and check out Ava one of the cutest little girls in the world)

1. 7 places I want to visit someday
-Italy (all of it)
-Australia (to hold a koala bear, and site see)
-NYC (I have been all over New York and never to the Big Apple)
-Africa (any country will do: for a mission trip and a safari)
-Brazil (I hear its incredibly beautiful and lots to do)
-Ireland (because I like England so much I think I would like Ireland too)
-Northwest USA: Oregon, Washington (I don't know why)

2. 7 favorite movies from the 80's: movies I've watched 100+ times
-Dirty Dancing
-Uncle Buck
-Adventures in Babysitting
-Troop Beverly Hills
-Back to the Future I & II (I hated III)
-Can't Buy Me Love
-Pretty in Pink

3. 7 favorite TV shows (current)
-The Office
-Desperate Housewives
-Brothers & Sisters
-Friday Night Lights
-Law & Order: SVU

4. 7 favorite shows from growing up
-Saved By the Bell
-Full House
-Facts of Life
-Charles in Charge
-The Brady Bunch (I know it was from the 70's but I watched reruns like crazy)
-The Wonder Years
-The Dukes of Hazzard

5. 7 cartoons I watched as a kid
-Fraggle Rock
-Scooby Doo
-Duck Tales
-Inspector Gadget
-Dennis the Menace

Enough about TV, you probably think that's all I do...

6. 7 things I want to buy but probably never will
- Mini Cooper
- 70-200 2.8 lens for my camera
- Netbook
- Pool
- Hot Tub
- lasix surgery

7. 7 places I love to shop
- Gap Clearance Center
- TJ Maxx/ Home Goods
- Target
- Old Navy
- Anthropologie
- Hobby Lobby
- Tuesday Mornings

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