Why is it getting cold?

Cincinnati is getting cold this weekend and it makes me sad. I want summer back. It is my favorite time of year. I love to spend time at my parents lake house with family. I can only reminisce for now until next year.

This first picture is cousin eddie. When he is older he will be exactly like cousin eddie on National Lapoon's Christmas Vacation. His nickname is Ediot. We love having him with us. He lives in Columbus so we don't get to see him that often. He is a ton of fun to be with.

This is my sis Elizabeth showing us her surfing moves

and this is the wipeout...

Our family has been known to be a little rowdy. Have you ever gone to function and there is a group known as "those people" that are annoying, and you want them to leave. Well on 4th of July we were "those people" at the fireworks. These pics are before things got out of hand.

(L to R) Kyle (Liz's boyfriend), my Tennessee brother Ric, and my brother Charles

Liz and Kyle....this is what happens when the sun starts to go down

Its always sad to see the summer end but always something to look forward to next year.


Liz said...

ahhaha brookie. you funny. i love summer too and im definately gonna miss going down to the lake.... BUT! you have to admit that autumn is definately a great season! and you wouldnt appreciate summer as much if the seasons never changed!

are you coming over to visit today maybe?

Andrew said...

glad to see your blogging again!